Waveguard Pulsation Dampers Without Moving Parts

The WAVEGUARD Range - Solid state, no moving parts, "acoustic" "reactive" pulsation dampers.





do not require servicing as they have NO MOVING PARTS.

THE ZERO MAINTENANCE PULSE DAMPERS are bladderless, with no elastomer membranes to be replaced.

SERVICING FREE DAMPNERS are welded closed with no seals or gaskets to be changed out.

Often called a “solid state Acoustic damper”, a no maintenance dampener is normally as large as the entire pump and its driver.

No maintenance “stabilizers” is a term usually applied to suction piping for reducing acceleration head losses.

The CAVGUARD is such a device, and uses entrained gas or vapor of the liquid as a cushion.

Flow through in line , no gas charge , with no elastomers, are also know as fit and forget pulsation dampeners.

For fluid flow systems where no gas charge is acceptable with no elastomers, “reactive” discharge dampeners , are also used for noise reduction.


WaveGuard Type RJ acceleration "snorkels" plus orifice chokes. "WAG OC" The WaveGuard product type range: The PulseGuard Ltd. "WaveGuard" since 1990 - 20+ years acoustic / pressure wave damper, with no moving parts, development.



WaveGuard pulsation dampers will address pulse frequencies from 20Hz through 2000Hz, and are a broad frequency band approach.
WaveGuard ARE NOT designed on the basis of Helmholtz resonators. RESONATORS GENERALLY ONLY WORK OVER A NARROW FREQUENCY BAND.
Please see FREQUENCY below

1. The WAG-RJ is the simplest WaveGuard by PulseGuard Ltd, having acceleration tube "snorkes" which explode any pulses
at above 8 mis far from points of reflection, dissipating pressure energy as heat. Used from 20hz to 250 Hz.

2. The WAG - OC is as 1 above with thr addition of orifice chokes, thelenths and position of these "chokes" can improve pulsation
dissipation and thus reduce the necessary size of a WaveGuard to save space through not cost. These are more frequency dependent.

3. The WAG-CER (designated because theheball pack is notmally CERAMIC), is disperser. A pressure wave entering a WAG-CER
trvels hundreds of different lengthed paths, each path is of different length, the time to travel is different so that a
pressure wave is converted to a spectrum of waves having reduced amplitude. Best applied 200Hz t0 2000Hz

4. The WAG-COMBO combines the dissipation of WAG-RJ with the dispersion og WAG-CER, making the most effesient high
frequancy damper; through high cost.

5. PulseGuard creates many specials - give us your problems.


Frequency can not be predetermined without all system dimensions frequency changes with temperature, viscosity, density, and any pipe
additions, removals, and changes of direction to the system. The position for installation of a resonator is also critical according to wave
length from an analysis. resonators are not offered.

Application of liquid filled volume bottles for the purpose of reducing pressure pulsation from positive displacement pumps.

Using cold water as an example, with a modulus of 50e-6, (10 to the minus 6) the same as saying 5 to the e-5 (exponent minus 5)
which means 0.00005 volume change per bar pressure change, which is like saying 0.005% (per sent being two zeros) compressibility
per 15 psi change in pressure - which with a viscosity of 1cP results in an "acoustic" velocity (meaning wave speed) of 1440 meters per second.
To have a"minds eye handle on this" call it, say, "a mile per second", velocity of pressure. ("Acoustic velocity")



With Solid state, no moving parts, "acoustic" "reactive" - pulsation dampers.
PULSATION DAMPERS DEVELOPMENT a little more of the "Science".



PulseGuard - Guarding Against Pulsation

PulseGuard Pulsation Dampers
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Free Phone: 08080 LO-PRICE (56-77423)
USA: 910-270-2737 / 1-888-DAMPERS (326-7377)

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