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Pressure Pulsation Dampener

Pulsation Dampener Drawings

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Save a "T". Have pressure pulse interception free.
Know How To Connect It Before You Select It

Piping Base Block

Manifolds for duplex pump heads.
T Piece Costs

Manifolds for triplex pump heads.

Neater, Stronger, Compact. Intercepts High Frequency. Gives in-place flushing. Cost less to install. Consider the alternative because you will not have inplace flushing nor any high frequency intercept.

Pulsating Pump Dampener Selection
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Pulse Damper Drawings

Flow fluctuation and pulse interception type pulse dampers, which guard against pressure pulsation using PulseGuard vessel design technology. PulseGuard pulsation dampeners, hydraulic accumulators, or surge suppressors dampen pressure pulsation and smooth system flow because they do not allow pressure pulses to bypass dampening chamber by use of a “T”. Our high efficiency pulsation dampeners design ensures 300% more performance size for size than “T piece” pressure vessel designs. We provide smooth system flow and pressure pulse damping, while saving you cost of installing a extra "T".

Pressure pulsation dampeners that do, fluid flow goes through, but pressure pulsation does not.

Pulsation Dampeners from inventory:

Liquid in bladder
dampners have a large diameter liquid chamber, relative ports, dissipate pressure waves, large diameter bladder design responds even at 0.05 Bar. Corrosive liquids go inside bladder, saving cost of Titanium, Hastelloy, Tantalum, etc. external pressure vessel shells.
Gas in bladder
type for low, medium, high, super, and extreme pressure, gas in bag (bladder) pulse dampener in stainless, steel, or plastic, design includes bladder internal web stabilization.
Flow-through flex-tube
pulsation dampeners for sludge, slurries, high viscosity, and liquids containing particulate. For pipe sizes: 0.75" through 14, pressure pulse / flow fluctuation attenuating capability, straight-line clear-flow path from in to out.
PTFE diaphragm
pulse dampers designed for use where double layer / "sandwich" PTFE diaphragm head metering pumps are required for hermetically sealed toxic, pyroforic, or hazardous duty.
No moving parts,
acoustic, bladderless, foamless pulse dampeners / pressure pulsation filters.
Food and drug
smooth, clean, or polished pressure vessels for use in hygienic and food grade industry applications including: viscous liquids and slurries, clean in place, temperature regulated (thermal jacketed or insulated), high pressure liquid chromatography (hplc), among others.
Wetted / plastic
pulsation dampers including liquid contact parts, or completely manufactured, using compatible materials, achieved using plastics, synthetic rubbers, or elastomer linings.




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Pumps Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump Diaphragm Pump Peristaltic Hose Pump Multiplex Piston Pump Lobe Pump Centrifugal Pump Vane Pump Plunger Pump Progressive Cavity Pump Applications Improve spray atomization. Achieve coriolis metering precision. More turbo meter accuracy. Vortex shedding meters come true.

Fluid Flow Control Pulsation Dampeners

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